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Performance Twitter Ghostwriting Agency

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The team at SaaS Booster knows how to effectively connect your product with the right customers. We had qualified meetings come in quickly and even have Fortune 1000 companies book meetings with us. I'd highly recommend them if you need help with your outbound marketing.

Rony Hay - CEO 

Leverage the new way of getting clients

The average CEO receives 25 cold emails per day (according to Hubspot). In a lot of cases, it’s way more than that.

Twitter allows you to prove your competence, stand out and build a sustainable source of new business while building a strong personal brand -> even easier client acquisition.

Think of inbound leads on demand.

That’s what we do.

Scalable way to get new signups, demos & sales consistently_edited_edited.png
What we offer

Companies that trust us:


How it works


Onboarding & Asset Gathering

We’ll have a 60 to 90-minute call together to get your tonality, brand story and objectives on file.

Then we’ll have you submit your assets (case studies, videos, SOPs,... ) into our shared folder so we can create valuable and viral content from it.



We’ll write all your content to grow your account and prove your competence so clients come to you.



We’ll leverage our network of big accounts and private invite-only engagement groups to get tons of exposure on your content.

Appointment Setting


When we have everything in place (content, assets, funnel) we’ll start running your DM campaigns to turn your engagement into booked calls + to approach new cold prospects so you get even more clients.

How it works

“I own a b2b saas, I was struggling to get traction going with my cold outreach. 

So I began working with Jan. He is very knowledgeable and experienced, his insight and recommendations brought my outreach to the next level. 

I would very highly recommend working with him if you want to grow your cold outreach and book more calls.”

Alec Valas - Founder 

Meetings booked with companies like:


Let’s chat

  • First, we’ll have a brief conversation about your business, expectations & if we’re a good fit for you. (Zoom meeting)

  • You’ll be provided with actionable steps to take your business to the next level (no matter if we end up working together)

  • If there’s a good fit, we can discuss possible options of working together (pricing, KPIs, timeline,...)

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